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The Spec Ops PT Panel for Tactical Bags 101280101 is an amazing "modular" heat & moisture control ventilated back panel that has been created especially for tactical assault packs. The ultra-light Spec Ops P.T. Panel Retrofit for T.H.E. and U.A.P. Packs is based on the combat proven VAPOR holster body panel that serves as a heat and moisture management system. The Modular super-light compression molded EVA material on the Spec Ops PT Backpack Panel won't absorb sweat and is cool, comfortable and durable!

91 /100
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Specifications for Spec Ops PT Tactical Pack Panel:

For: THE and UAP Packs

Features of Spec Ops THE Pack PT Panel:

  • EFFECTIVE: Draws off body heat & moisture and provides ventilation via a unique series of ridges & channels. The P.T. Panel allows perspiration to condense on its surface then drain away from pack and body while allowing airflow across the back.
  • DURABLE, COMBAT PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: This is the same system of Non-absorbent, high-carbon EVA (the same compound used on the soles of running shoes & Lightweight combat boots) used for nearly a decade on or revolutionary VAPOR holster. (click HERE to see reviews)
  • COMFORTABLE & PROTECTIVE: The rounded off profile of the panel's channels and body-conforming design make for a very comfortable and shock-absorbing fit.
  • CLEAN: Will not absorb sweat and won't develop an odor. Just rinse off after use and you're good to go.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing a mere 8 oz., the weight to benefit ratio of the P.T. Panel is optimal and unlike conventional back panels it won't gain or retain perspiration weight.
  • LOW PROFILE, STABLE RIDE: At just under .5" thick, the P.T. Panel will not affect the CG (Center of Gravity) of your pack & serves as a flexible exoskeleton to increase load management performance.
  • MODULAR: Gives the advantage of being easily attached / removed via the pack's shoulder & compression straps.

1-Spec Ops PT Pack Panel

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Jerad - Add Reply

T.H.E. pack is a bombproof piece of kit but lacks a bit in the comfort department, especially in stock form. I've used mine for years of hiking and motorcycling and school and anything else you can use a pack for, and I can say that this panel makes hiking much more comfortable. Less sweaty back now. Doesn't make the pack feel like an easy chair but it does its job well. I just used it on the trek to camp Muir on Rainier with my pack and added pouches full to bursting, and the pack never caused much discomfort. (I also have the internal frame)

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