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Go hiking, camping, and more with the Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap and your next outdoor adventure. These Camping Stoves from the innovators at Trangia is capable of bringing water to a boil in a mere 8 minutes for one of the fastest meals imaginable. Thanks to the lightweight design, the .24 pound Trangia B25 Spirit Burner fits neatly and easily in backpacks, bags, and more. Enjoy a great home-cooked meal on the go with convenience and reliability. Versatile and user friendly, the Trangia Alcohol Spirit Burner brings the fun of camping out with you just about anywhere.

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Specifications for Trangia Spirit Burner:

Weight: 3.8 oz
Fuel Type: Solid Fuel Tablet, Denatured Alcohol, Alcohol & Solid
Stove Type: Alcohol & Solid Fuel
Application: Cooking
Capacity: 70 ml
Fabric/Material: Brass
Auto Igniter: No
Boil Time: 8 min
Field Maintainable: Yes
Burn Time: 70 ml / Appx. 30 min

Features of Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap, TGA-CMS-29327

  • Weight: 0.24 lbs
  • Packed Dimensions: 2.85" x 1.75"
  • Output: 1000 w
  • Boil Time: 8 min (1 liter)
  • Fuel Type: Alcohol

1-Trangia Spirit Burner
2-Trangia Spirit Burner

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Julien - Add Reply

At the heart of the Trangia storm cooker system is the Spirit Burner which is an all brass burner with the ability to allow for simmering (using the sliding cover on top to restrict the flame). The burner is very well made (in Sweden) and has an "O" ring seal which allows for the burner to be carried with fuel already loaded inside. Powered by denatured alcohol (readily available at most big box or paint stores) it burns cleanly with no soot to dirty up your cooking gear. I have used this burner in not only the Trangia system but also in the Solo Titan instead of using wood which is what the Titan is designed to use. By combining a wood burning stove and a spirit burner you have the best of both worlds and can use alcohol or wood to get your cooking done. There are many copies of this burner and the ones I have tested seem to work well but in my opinion the Trangia is the best on the market at present. Sixteen ounces of water comes to a boil in under eight minutes with no jet like sound as one gets with gas burners. Outstanding product!

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