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NcSTAR Gun Accessory - Laser Bore Sighter TLZ on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for NcSTAR Bore Sights.

89.5 /100
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Specifications for NcSTAR Gun Accessory - Laser Bore Sighter TLZ:

Model#: TLZ
Description: Laser Bore Sighter
Weight (Oz.): 15.10

1-NcSTAR Gun Accessory - Laser Bore Sighter TLZ

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Caden - Add Reply

Out of the box one would expect a precision instrument... However you may find yourself to be sadly mistaken. Upon assembly you find that the laser is of decent enough construction, with 4 adjustment screws, but one wouldn't expect to have to zero in a device designed to zero in your optics. However again, once you turn on the laser to assure proper battery insertion and switch functionality you note that the laser is not even "true" to it's own housing, and that the mounting base resembles the threaded parts of cleaning rod attachments (and almost fit together as sturdily.) Another thing you might note is that upon full proper assembly and insertion of you weapon of choice; that the laser does not even remotely line up to your very proven iron sights. After much tinkering and many other attempts you realize that even if you were able to zero the laser to the iron sights, (enough that you would trust attempting to zero in your optics) that this process of pre-zero zeroing of the laser would have to be repeated with every arbor, every insertion, every time. 1/4 twist and the laser can go from being 2" right, left , high, or low to 0 and then removed and replaced into the same weapon in the same configuration and you are 2" out again. Low quality, in this case the word precision does not even apply. Pros: once you figure out it's useless, you can make light of your folly by mounting the laser to your finger, utilizing the universal mount, completely eliminating the hassle of a... Read More...

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Geovanny - Add Reply

Most people do not know how to use a bore sighter like this. You have to bench mount your gun in a gun vise, insert the arbor, attach the laser then mark the position of the laser on the target. Once you have done this, remove and rotate the arbor 90 degrees and repeat. Do this for 4 points at 90 degrees apart then join the 4 dots with a crosshair. The bore points to the intersection. This takes the error out of the alignment of the laser. For the price, this is an adequate tool. I find that it saves me ammo in getting on the paper with the first shot. Reading all the negative reviews, I wonder, what people expect for $30? It works fine for me. Pros: Simple, easy to use. Cons: Not precise, requires mulitple steps to make work.

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