Review Steiner eOptics Laser Devices MBS-1WE Borelight w/ Visible Red Pointer (635nm) 3160635 Rate P

Steiner eOptics MBS-1WE Borelights designed for rifles and pistols. These Steiner eOptics Borelights allow users to quickly perform a precise, accurate alignment check without test firing their weapon. The MBS-1WE for Rifles and Pistols from Steiner eOptics has protected adjusters that used to true the device. These boresights are machined from aircraft grade aluminum for reliable performance under harsh environmental conditions. Steiner eOptics BoreLights MBS-1we supplied with a super power point visible laser for maximum daytime visibility.

Available Steiner eOptics Borelight options:

  • 3160635: Steiner eOptics MBS-1WE Borelight w/ Visible Red Pointer (635nm)

92.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Steiner eOptics Borelight w/ Visible Pointer:

Environment: Water resistant
Length: 9.7 in. / 24.5 cm (with long bore rod)
Material: Anodized aircraft aluminum 6061T-6
Weight: 4.8 oz. / 135 grams (with battery and bore rod)
Battery: One 3-volt 123A lithium
Battery Life: 24 hours continuous
Beam Diameter: 8 mm @ 25 meters
Laser Type: Laser Class IIIa
Power Output:
Range/Visibility: 450 meters (low light) 30 meters daytime
Wavelength: Visible Red Pointer: 635nm; Visible Green Pointer: 532nm

Features of Steiner eOptics BoreSight MBS-1WE:

  • Has external adjustment knobs that offer the ability to true borelight for precise accuracy
  • Has built-in, twist-on and twist-off switches
  • Has interchangeable bore rod assemblies - short bore rod for pistols and long bore rod for rifles
  • Has precision stainless steel bore rod for pin-point alignment
  • Has specially formulated plastic inserts that protect barrel rifling from contact with bore rod to preserve weapon accuracy
  • Aligns any type of weapon sight including devices not located directly over the center line of the barrel

1-Steiner eOptics Laser Devices MBS-1WE Borelight w/ Visible Red Pointer (635nm) 3160635

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Edmond - Add Reply

Sighting a 7.62mm rifle went smoothy, even though the MBS-1WE was my first experience with a borelight. I had no problem seeing the laser spot at 50m on an overcast day through a spotting scope. The borelight is solidly built, with precise axial rotation and firm tactile feedback from the dials. It comes with all the adapters necessary for every calibre from .22 to .50. It's pricey, but you'll only cry once if you buy it. Pros: Precise, sturdy, high quality Cons: Expensive

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