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Laserlyte Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighting System LBS-HULK-140 is the brightest and most visible laser that LaserLyte has ever created. The LaserLyte Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighter uses a green laser that is 100 times more visible to the human eye than traditional red lasers. This daylight-visible 532-nanometer green laser bore sight creates a dot that can be seen up to 100 yards with the naked eye, meaning you can sight-in anywhere from 10 yards to 100 yards away. LaserLight Kryptonyte LBS Boresight fits any handgun, rifle or carbine from .22 to .50 caliber and .51 to .75 caliber as well as 12 to 20 gauge shotguns. The Auto Power Control digital circuitry ensures a bright and steady dot for the full 1-1/2-hr. life of the CR2 lithium battery. The Laser Lyte Kryptonyte Bore Laser is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum and Class 1 hard anodized for strength. It is 7.5 inches long, weighing less than 3 ounce. It operates on (1) CR2 lithium battery which power the laser for over 1.5 hours of continuous use.

92 /100
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Specifications for Laserlyte Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighting System LBS-HULK-140:

Mfg Item Num: LBSHULK140
Length: 7.5"
Beam Intensity: 532nm
Power: Class IIIa, 5mW
Range: 3000 yards at night
Weight: 2.4 oz
Battery: 1x CR2 Lithium
Color: Black w/ Green Laser
Compatible Calibers: .22 - .50

1-Laserlyte Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighting System LBS-HULK-140
2-Laserlyte Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighting System LBS-HULK-140
3-Laserlyte Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighting System LBS-HULK-140

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Kale - Add Reply

I've only used it on 2 rifles at this time, but it has proved to be "Spot-on" when shooting at the range. It's cost is a bit high, but figure up the total cost of taking your weapon to a gun smith to have it bore sighted, picking it up, not knowing what that person really did or if they caused damage to something and how many shots is it going to take to zero your weapon in. Well, it shouldn't take very few uses to pay for it's self. Great tool. Pros: Very easy to set-up and the laser is bright enough to see, even in the day light. Cons: MOA is a bit larger than I'd like at 25 yards for sighting in a rifle.

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Javier - Add Reply

This system is easy to set up and use. This was the first time that I set up a scope on a rifle. It was easy to do after I watched the instructional video on their web site. Some nice options. Pros: Easy to set up and use. Cons: Expensive

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Geoffrey - Add Reply

Worked exactly as I hoped. Checked repeatability by re-inserting and viewing through scope repeatedly (1" at 30 yards or so). Key is makig sure you adjust it to be snug. Tried in 35, 30-30, 45, 12 ga - this is what I like most about the product, entire camp could sanity check any gun after travelling and before heading out into the woods... Green laser is much more visible than the red. Pros: Universal, adequate repeatability, bright laser Cons: Bit more than I wanted to spend, but no regrets

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Kennedi - Add Reply

Green laser makes using in daylight and longer distances easy. Kit has everything you need. Pros: Green Laser is highly visible Cons: Price

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Quinn - Add Reply

Wish I had a camera but I don't even have one on my trac phone lol. I got my bore sighter today ordered on what Tues. last week I think. UPS knocked once and left it on my front door step before I could get up and answer the door again but hey it's only a $130 prodcut . Item was solid metal bore sighter with plastic arbors and tiny metal screws. It's got a bright green laser. Screwed into arbor fairly straight forward and works well without the worries of it getting jammed up like the Bushnell twsit to inflate rubber POS one I tried. Besides the better quality and differant arbor it's basically the same concept as the Bushnell's. I like the leveler which allows you to slide it on any picitiny rail or rifle muzzle. I don't think the leveler will fit on a SG or a Pistol unless you can use the appropriate arbor I didn't look. I might go to Sac Valley Fri. But whenever I do I'll post here. I will also post Wed. or Thurs. I want to remount my Buckmaster using the leveler and stuff and attempt to use it at 10m. It's got the option in th instructions so we'll see. I wasn't even on paper at 100 Yards when I went out with my Buckmaster last time but only shot a few rounds and left. I was only there for zeroing my eotech and had limited ammo. Pros: quality, green laser, leveler Cons: Price,

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