JP Enterprises Enhanced Bolt/Carrier, 9mm

Machined to the same exacting tolerances as our bolt carriers, this second generation 9mm bolt assembly is an entirely new design that eliminates the need for a central mass (slug) to readily function with our 9mm JP Silent Captured Spring without compromising bolt weight and reliability. In fact, when combined with our JPSCS-9MM, you have the heaviest, most reliable 9mm operating system that dramatically reduces bolt bounce while improving accuracy. This bolt assembly is .9 oz. heavier than the Rock River Arms 9mm bolt with its central mass removed. When used in conjunction with the Silent Captured Spring, the complete JP 9mm operating system is slightly heavier than the complete RRA bolt and buffer, some of the bolt mass having been transferred to the SCS in our system.

92 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Features of JP Enterprises Enhanced Bolt/Carrier, 9mm:

  • Reduced stroke length for faster firing impulse when used with JPSCS-9MM.
  • Designed for optimal function with JPSCS-9MM for a heavier operating system that reduces bolt bounce while improving reliability and accuracy.
  • Tighter firing pin channel to reduce pin wear.
  • High-energy tumble process offers a finer cosmetic finish.
  • Includes firing pin and retainer pin.

1-JP Enterprises Enhanced Bolt/Carrier, 9mm
2-JP Enterprises Enhanced Bolt/Carrier, 9mm
3-JP Enterprises Enhanced Bolt/Carrier, 9mm

  • PROS
  • Most reliable design on the market
  • JP Quality!
  • Everything about it, fit and finish is too notch. Runs flawlessly.
  • Quality, function
  • Quality and function
  • CONS
  • Yea its expensive...
  • Price, although still reasonable
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Kelley - Add Reply

Probably one of the nicest out of the box 9 millimeter bolts that I have dealt with. The hard coat Anodizing or whatever that they use for their Coatings is flawless. can't wait to order my 9 millimeter upper period to go with my Bolt

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Khalil - Add Reply

In combination with their recoil system, this is by far the smoothest most reliable bolt for a PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) build on the market today. I topped a QC-10 GSF (Glock Magazine Compatible) lower with a New Frontier AR (not the 9mm version) side charging upper and using a JP Barrel (which I highly recommend for both their feed mouth and chamber dimensions), and the JP recoil system for my build. This is the by far flattest and smoothest feel I've ever had on a PCC. JP is by far the leader when it comes to PCC builds, and having seen hundreds of different home made builds at USPSA matches, I can tell you without a doubt that the JP guns always run, when others are still trying to figure out what went wrong on theirs.

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Reggie - Add Reply

This was one an amazing choice for my 9mm AR platform build! I’m so glad I spent the few extra bucks and got something with such quality. One of the sexiest BCG I’ve ever purchased and I have some nice ones! I can’t wait to try more of their products in the future. I also used their XP spring for the 9mm build and it runs flawlessly. I would buy this and only this if you’re build a 9mm AR platform.

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Cleveland - Add Reply

I did a lot of research before buying a bcg for my pcc build. This is consistently the one that everyone raves about, and for good reason. I put all premium parts in my pcc, including this beast, and it paid off. This bcg has run flawlessly and was worth every penny. If you're on the fence about spending the extra money, just go for it. This is one part of a 9mm AR that you do not want to cheap out on!

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Eduardo - Add Reply

This is definitely the best bolt for high end 9mm build, I purchased this one specifically to operate with a jp silent capture spring. The machine work and quality are fantastic; operation is flawless.

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Major - Add Reply

Like the other reviewers, I did extensive research as well and went with this BCG, the JPSCS2-9-5H2 Silent captured spring, Spikes upper and 9mm dedicated lower with a Faxon 10.5". Love it. Sadly, JP doesn't currently make a .45 version and after talking to one of their techs, none of their springs/buffers are recommended for the heavy recoil of that round. Still doing homework on that application.

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