Review Gold Tip .246 Insert Rate Pros Cons

Price Save 14% from $21.99 to $18.89

Insert or point adapters for .246 inside diameter arrows. (Hunter, Velocity, Ultralight, etc.)

91.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Gold Tip .246 Insert:

Inner Diameter: 0.246 in
Color: Aluminum
Quantity: 12
Fabric/Material: Aluminum
Additional Features: 50gr

Features of Gold Tip .246 Insert:

  • Weight: 5gr
  • Aluminun

1-Gold Tip .246 Insert

  • PROS
  • Increased FOC
  • CONS
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Jadon - Add Reply

These inserts are working out excellent! I am able to increase the FOC without using a very cumbersome outsert that tends to break and not penetrate well. Also there is a lot of Glue surface to help hold it in the shaft. I am about to order some extra weights that screw into the back of the insert WHILE ASSEMBLED IN THE ARROW. I am using he Hunter XT 250 spnted arrows with a weight of 10.6gpi and still able to get 13% FOC before I even ad any weight! - I will be buying more and highly recommend them!

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