The Real Story of the World Cup that You Never Expected

The World Cup is a big event where the national team has to compete hard every four years to become champions.

Did you know that despite winning the World Cup, the winner only takes home the​ fake trophy, while FIFA headquarters keep the actual cup?

In addition to the above, there are many other exciting things that fans may need to learn about the world cup. And here are seven facts about World Cup history you never know:

1- The real world cup trophy has a hollow inside.


If it is not open, it can weigh up to 70 kilograms.

Therefore, it is tough for a player to lift this trophy once they win it, while the award we have seen on TV weighs only 6.1 kilograms.

2- The winning team has no right to keep the original cup.

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As mentioned above, the winning team can lift the real trophy only while taking the fake cup back home.

The reason why FIFA does not want to hand over the real trophy to the winner is that they are concerned about the safety of the award and do not believe that the country that will keep it can keep this actual title​ safe.

3- Copied trophies are cheaper than real trophies.

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FIFA copied awards handed over to the champion are only slightly gold-plated, costing less than the real trophy.

Please note that the actual World Cup is worth about 161,000 US dollars, and the world cup is the most expensive trophy.

4- The current world cup is different from the very first trophy.


Yes, it’s true. The first world cup differed from the current one; its original name was Jules Rimet Cup. FIFA handed the first trophy to Brazil after winning the World Cup three times in a row in 1970.

5. The world cup trophy was stolen in 1883.

It was stolen in Rio, Brazil, and it is believed that the thieves took it and sold it to a trader. Before the sale, the same trophy was lost in 1966 at an exhibition in Westminster, England, but luckily it was later found.

For these reasons, FIFA probably decided not to hand the real trophy to the next winner.

6- Out of space to write the winning team’s name.

After writing France, who won the world cup in 2018, the world cup trophy has only three spaces left to write the team’s name on the bottom of the trophy.

So after the 2030 world cup, there will be no more space for the winner’s name.

We’ll wait to see if a new trophy will create or if the former winner’s name will be removed and replaced with the new winner’s name.

7- The current world cup trophy does not represent the term cup.

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As you know, we call football’s trophy a cup because it can hold water like the champions league, FA cup, premier league, and league cup, but the current world cup trophy is solid and has no upper lip that can be placed​​ water.

It is different from most football cups, so it does not deserve to be called a cup.

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